Pros and Cons of Filing Florida Corporation

There are questions about why would you incorporate your company to Florida Corporation? Or how to incorporate it? Forming a corporation is considered as forming a new unique entity according to the states. This will separate your business from partnership and sole proprietorship. Being a member on a corporation gives you many benefits such as in tax. Shareholders are what they called on the members of corporation. Florida Corporation has its own many advantages and disadvantages than forming corporation on other states. You can read here about the company at Florida website. Knowing them will help you decide if it is best to incorporate your business in Florida or what are the effects.


  1. Personal assets of shareholders are protected. The aim of the corporation is to separate the personal assets of the member on the corporation’s debts and liabilities. Creditors cannot force to pursue what shareholders have such as cars or house as payment for the corporation’s debts. You can read about this at
  2. Has a great chance to access foreign investors and exchange shares.
  3. Using the sale of stock, the corporation can raise the funds.
  4. The corporation can deduct benefits from the employee’s and officer’s salaries. This is provided by the corporation.


  1. It is not as easy as like forming an organization. The filing of corporation requires you time and money. This is because of the many fees and papers to work for, this is even more harder for those businesses that are not from Florida.
  2. If you do not know the whole process, incorporating may result to double taxation. This is because it is not deductable from the business income.
  3. There are many government bodies monitoring the corporation which makes you work more with the papers.

From here are the pros and cons that you can weigh when incorporating your business to the corporation. It will help you decide on what to do.