Adding Password to Linksys Wireless Router

As of the moment people have been using Linksys wireless router because of the many advantages. You can stay connected anywhere you are, inside or outside your home and on different floor of your office building. But it is also essential to protect your network from unauthorized access. You need to add password on your router. For Linksys router, here are the steps that you can do.

  1. Be sure your router is on and you just need to go to utilizing your personalized internet browser on your pc or laptop. Ensure it is linked with your router with either wired or wireless.
  2. Just pass on the username empty and next input by the password field “admin. Just click on “OK” key so you should be navigated on the router’s web set up site. Any time you really can’t login by using the standard password stated and do not be familiar with the custom one, you ought to restart your router.
  3. Inside the page, just click the “Administration” tab. And after that press “Management” tab which can be located on the left section of selection spot.
  4. You will currently make the password to your router. Just fill out the password on the “Router Password” area and then also re-enter it for affirmation on the field presented. You need to recall the password you have entered. You will reset again the router so that you can access the startup page and straight into beginning of the process.
  5. Basically click on the “Save Settings” so that your password will likely be saved. It will be stored right away and then you do not need to restart your router. You would currently login within your new password to be able to proceed with your connection within your network.

Follow the instructions above to protect the data in your wireless routers, office or home.