How to Use Corrlinks System?

CorrLinks is your solution when you want to talk to your family outside the prison. It is an email system approved by Federal of Prisons if you want to get in touch with them. You only have to pay $0.05 per minute. The program is design with easy to use. Here are the ways to use the system.image

  1. The Corrlinks inmate email messages you may obtain inside your CorrLinks inbox will provide the unique identification code you obtained in the invitation email from the The code will often compose of letters. Guarantee that what email address you utilize on subscription is the identical email address the invitation was sent.
  2. The system will deliver you an invitation with the federal inmate name to inform you he or she would like add you on the contact list. You can have the choice to accept or reject it. But should you allow, you can subscribe using an email address as well as the code you acquired. This code will expire 10 days following the day it was forwarded. The inmate will instantly get the message to inform that you acknowledged the invites.
  3. To enroll, only check out the program homepage at You have to set the identification code and email address to subscribe. Setting up a password might be needed. Password has to feature letters and numbers so that it won’t be simple to guess. After registering, you might wait 20 to 40 minutes for the validation of your application.
  4. Whenever you discover a message in your CorrLinks account and then have create a message alert, this software will inform you in your email supplied. All messages runs via checking and will take 1 hour prior to acquire the

Log in to now to manage your account and send emails to people you like to talk.