Using Branded Email Account

Email address is one of the communication tools that people use today because of a fast and reliable sending of information beside text and call through mobile phones.  In business, they create their own business email account because it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach their clients and employees in all departments. That is how email address to business companies very important.

There are two types of email address that company uses. One is the branded email address that is mostly used and recommended by big companies. It uses the domain name or company’s name on the email address. That is why it is called branded because you are carrying the name of the company in your email ID. The next one is the non-branded email address. This one is from the free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo. Some companies use this type because the services are free and also fast. To know more about non-branded emails, you can visit this site.

But many people preferred the branded email address for many reasons. When it comes to dealing business activities, it gives you a lot of advantages. One, it advertises the company’s name when you send business emails to people. Two, it adds a professional look to the company because of the branding. Then lastly, when it comes to the account features, the branded has a lot of features that can help you organize emails and protections against viruses.

Though you can use non-branded email address but it causes lots of problems. Most of them are the lack of tools, the protection against viruses and filtering of SPAMS. That is why as much as possible we have to use this type for our business. Non-branded such as Gmail is only for personal uses and should not be mixed in business. You can find more information about Gmail when you click this post.